Since: 1.2

#include <QtConnectivity/QBluetoothLocalDevice>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QBluetoothLocalDevice

The QBluetoothLocalDevice class provides access to local Bluetooth devices.

QBluetoothLocalDevice provides functions for getting and setting the state of local Bluetooth devices.


Public Functions Index

QBluetoothLocalDevice (QObject *parent=0)
QBluetoothLocalDevice (const QBluetoothAddress &address, QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~QBluetoothLocalDevice ()
QBluetoothAddressaddress () const
HostModehostMode () const
boolisValid () const
QStringname () const
PairingpairingStatus (const QBluetoothAddress &address) const
voidpowerOn ()
voidrequestPairing (const QBluetoothAddress &address, Pairing pairing)
voidsetHostMode (QBluetoothLocalDevice::HostMode mode)

Static Public Functions Index

Public Slots Index

voidpairingConfirmation (bool confirmation)

Signals Index

voiderror (QBluetoothLocalDevice::Error error)
voidhostModeStateChanged (QBluetoothLocalDevice::HostMode state)
voidpairingDisplayConfirmation (const QBluetoothAddress &address, QString pin)
voidpairingDisplayPinCode (const QBluetoothAddress &address, QString pin)
voidpairingFinished (const QBluetoothAddress &address, QBluetoothLocalDevice::Pairing pairing)

Public Types


This enum describes errors that maybe returned.

NoError No known error PairingError Error in pairing UnknownError Unknown error

UnknownError 100


This enum describes the most of the local Bluetooth device.

HostPoweredOff Powers the device down HostConnectable Remote Bluetooth devices can connect to the local Bluetooth device if they have previously been paired with it or otherwise know its address. This powers up the device if it was powered off. HostDiscoverable Remote Bluetooth devices can discover the presence of the local Bluetooth device. The device will also be connectable, and powered on. HostDiscoverableLimitedInquiry Remote Bluetooth devices can discover the presence of the local Bluetooth device when performing a limited inquiry. This should be used for locating services that are only made discoverable for a limited period of time. This can speed up discovery between games for example, since service discovery can be skipped on devices not in limited enquiry more. This is not supported on all platforms. The device will also be connectable, and powered on.



This enum describes the pairing state between two Bluetooth devices.

Unpaired The Bluetooth devices are not paired. Paired The Bluetooth devices are paired. The system will prompt the user for authorization when the remote device initiates a connection to the local device. AuthorizedPaired The Bluetooth devices are paired. The system will not prompt the user for authorization when the remote device initiates a connection to the local device.


Public Functions

QBluetoothLocalDevice (

Constructs a QBluetoothLocalDevice with parent.

QBluetoothLocalDevice (

Construct new QBluetoothLocalDevice for address.

virtual~QBluetoothLocalDevice ()


QBluetoothAddress address ()

Returns the MAC address of this Bluetooth device.

HostMode hostMode ()

Returns the current host mode of this local Bluetooth device.

bool isValid ()

Returns true the QBluetoothLocalDevice represents an available local Bluetooth device; otherwise return false.

QString name ()

Returns the name assgined by the user to this Bluetooth device.

Pairing pairingStatus (

Returns the current bluetooth pairing status of address, if it's unpaired, paired, or paired and authorized.

void powerOn ()

Powers on the device on returning it to the hostMode() state is was in when powered down.

void requestPairing (

Set the pairing status with address.

The results are returned via the signal pairingFinished(). Caution: creating a pairing may take minutes, and can require the user to acknowledge dialogs.

void setHostMode (

Sets the host mode the this local Bluetooth device to mode.

Static Public Functions

QList< QBluetoothHostInfo > allDevices ()

Returns a list of all available local Bluetooth devices.

Public Slots

void pairingConfirmation (
  • boolconfirmation)

To be called after getting a pairingDisplayConfirmation().

The accept parameter either accepts the pairing or rejects it.


void error (

Signal emitted for pairing if there's an exceptional error.

void hostModeStateChanged (

The state of the host has transitioned to a different HostMode.

void pairingDisplayConfirmation (

Signal by some platforms to display a pairing confirmation dialog for address.

The user is asked to confirm the pin is the same on both devices. QBluetoothLocalDevice::pairingConfirmation(bool) must be called to indicate if the user accepts or rejects the displayed pin.

void pairingDisplayPinCode (

Signal by some platforms to display the pin to the user for address.

The pin is automatically generated, and does not need to be confirmed.

void pairingFinished (

Pairing has completed with address.

Current pairing status is in pairing.

Last modified: 2015-03-26

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