#include <QtXml/QAbstractXmlReceiver>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QAbstractXmlReceiver




Protected Attributes Index

QScopedPointer< QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate >d_ptr

Public Functions Index

QAbstractXmlReceiver ()
virtual ~QAbstractXmlReceiver ()
voidatomicValue (const QVariant &value)=0
voidattribute (const QXmlName &name, const QStringRef &value)=0
voidcharacters (const QStringRef &value)=0
voidcomment (const QString &value)=0
voidendDocument ()=0
voidendElement ()=0
voidendOfSequence ()=0
virtual voiditem (const QPatternist::Item &item)
voidnamespaceBinding (const QXmlName &name)=0
voidprocessingInstruction (const QXmlName &target, const QString &value)=0
voidstartDocument ()=0
voidstartElement (const QXmlName &name)=0
voidstartOfSequence ()=0
virtual voidwhitespaceOnly (const QStringRef &value)

Protected Functions Index

QAbstractXmlReceiver (QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate *d)
voidsendAsNode (const QPatternist::Item &outputItem)

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate > d_ptr ()

Public Functions

QAbstractXmlReceiver ()

virtual~QAbstractXmlReceiver ()


void atomicValue (

void attribute (

void characters (

void comment (

void endDocument ()

void endElement ()

void endOfSequence ()

virtual void item (
  • const QPatternist::Item &item)

void namespaceBinding (

void processingInstruction (

void startDocument ()

void startElement (

void startOfSequence ()

virtual void whitespaceOnly (

Protected Functions

QAbstractXmlReceiver (
  • QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate *d)

void sendAsNode (
  • const QPatternist::Item &outputItem)

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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