Access platform utilities, such as clipboard, PPS objects, and PPS attributes.

You have access to several platform utilities that can help you make your apps more effective. You can add and remove data from a clipboard that's shared between applications, and you can access underlying platform elements such as PPS objects and attributes.


  • AbstractBpsEventHandler -

    Sub-class AbstractBpsEventHandler and implement event() to process raw BPS events.

  • Clipboard -

    Copy and paste data within an application or between applications.

  • PpsAttribute -

    The PpsAttribute class encapsulates a PPS attribute.

  • PpsAttributeFlag -

    Additional state information about a PPS attribute.

  • PpsObject -

    Encapsulates an object in the PPS file system.

  • PpsOpenMode -

    Bitfield values passed to the PpsObject::open() method.

  • Screenshot -

    Allows an application to capture the contents of the display or the application window and save it to a file.

  • ScreenshotError -

    The list of outcomes for a capture attempt using bb::system::Screenshot.

  • ScreenshotFormat -

    The list of supported image formats for capturing a Screenshot.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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