Request information about memory, platform features, file system, and applications.

Sometimes you need to know important information about a device so your app can respond appropriately. For example, you might need to know when the available memory or file system space is low, or you might need to know the platform version that's running on the device. You can use the classes in this category to retrieve this information, as well as information about your project's package file.


  • ApplicationInfo -

    The ApplicationInfo class provides access to application metadata available in the BAR manifest of the package containing the application.

  • FileSystemInfo -

    The FileSystemInfo class provides information about the file system on a device.

  • LowMemoryWarningLevel -

    The set of possible low memory warning levels.

  • MemoryInfo -

    The MemoryInfo class provides notifications about low device memory.

  • PackageInfo -

    The PackageInfo class provides access to metadata related to the package containing the application.

  • PlatformInfo -

    Allows access to information about the platform.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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