Home screen

Use features that are related to the home screen on a device, such as lock state, icon badge, application support, and wallpaper.

The home screen on a device is where most users start from. You can ensure that you give them the experience you want by customizing aspects of the home screen, such as wallpaper, notifications when the device is locked, and notifications when the device enters or exits bedside mode.


  • Application -

    The Application class is used as the basis for your own custom application.

  • ApplicationSupport -

    The ApplicationSupport class encapsulates functionality from the Application class for situations in which that class cannot be used.

  • DeviceLockState -

    The set of possible lock states of the device.

  • HomeScreen -

    The HomeScreen class encapsulates interactions between an application and the home screen on the device.

  • IconBadge -

    The set of badges that can be applied to an application icon on the home screen.

  • ProcessState -

    The possible states of the process.

  • WallpaperLockState -

    The set of possible wallpaper lock states on the device.

  • WallpaperResult -

    The set of possible results of a request to set the wallpaper on a device.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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