Access and control features that support the media player, such as audio output, repeat mode, and buffer status.

The media player APIs let you add multimedia features to your app, such as the ability to play videos and other media sources. You can play a video directly in your app, and you can retrieve information about the playback. You can also overlay a set of controls (such as previous, pause, and next actions) on top of the video that's playing, and you can listen for and react to these actions in your app.

Additional resources

To learn more about the media player and how to use it to play videos and other media, visit the Audio/Video documentation.


  • AudioOutput -

    Represents the audio output options for a media player.

  • BufferStatus -

    Represents the current buffer status of the media player.

  • MediaPlayer -

    The MediaPlayer class provides the ability to control media playback.

  • MetaData -

    Provides string keys for a QVariantMap of metadata.

  • NowPlayingConnection -

    Provides exclusive system access to media notification areas.

  • NowPlayingController -

    Provides system access to media controlling features.

  • OverlayStyle -

    Represents the various overlay styles used by a NowPlayingConnection.

  • RepeatMode -

    Represents the various repeat modes.

  • VideoOutput -

    Represents the various video output devices.

Last modified: 2014-04-03

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