Let your users discover points of interest fetched from local favorites, remote search results, and contacts.

You can allow users of your apps to pick places from the local Places database on the device. You can retrieve information about the place that was selected, and then use this information to display the selected place on a map.

Additional resources

To learn more about sharing a location, visit the Places documentation.


  • PlacePicker -

    An interface that allows the user to browse and select a place from the local Places database of contacts, favorites, and recent places as well as from remote search results.

  • PlacePickerControl -

    A simple control for the PlacePicker API.

  • SelectedPlace -

    An object returned by PlacePicker.

  • SelectedPlaceImageType -

    The type of image data returned by the SelectedPlace class.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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