Maps and map visualization

Use visual controls, models, render engines, and utilities to create views of a map in your app.

Additional resources

To learn more about mapping a location, visit the Maps documentation.


  • BlankRenderEngine -

    An empty render engine, which will be used when no other engine can be found.

  • DataProvider -

    A source of mappable data.

  • MapCoverageChecker -

    A collection of functions for determining if map coverage is available in MapView.

  • MapData -

    A collection of data providers to be represented on a map.

  • MapImageCacheManager -

    Provides management actions on a cache of static map images.

  • MapImageGenerator -

    A generator which makes an asynchronous request for a map image.

  • MapImageGeneratorError -

    The set of possible error codes when getting a static map image.

  • MapLongPressToPinDrop -

    A utility action class for performing a pin drop, which is the creation of a new point of interest (pin) triggered by a user's action.

  • MapView -

    A graphics user interface (GUI) control that displays a map along with user-defined geographic elements, which can be points of interest or other location-aware elements.

  • RenderEngine -

    The common interface for all rendering engine implementations.

  • RenderEngineConfiguration -

    Configuration information that's passed to a RenderEngine upon initialization.

  • RenderEngineInfo -

    The characteristics of a render engine.

  • ViewProperties -

    The properties of the current view.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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