Integrate map functionality in your application.

You can integrate maps and mapping features directly into your apps. For example, you might want to create an app that provides interactive, hands-free driving directions. Or, you might create an app that tracks the locations of the best places to eat in your city. You can use these maps classes to display a map, add geographic location information, set modes of transportation, and so on.

Additional resources

To learn more about location services and how to use them in your apps, visit the Location documentation.


  • AltitudeMode -

    An enumeration that captures how the altitude attribute should be interpreted.

  • BlankRenderEngine -

    An empty render engine, which will be used when no other engine can be found.

  • BoundingBox -

    A 2-dimensional, axis-aligned bounding box (rectangle) used to define the limits of a Geographic element, or any other bounding box.

  • Coordinate -

    A Coordinate in geographic space that is represented by latitude, longitude and altitude components.

  • DataProvider -

    A source of mappable data.

  • EdgeSize -

    An enumeration of the available edge thickness values of a Style.

  • EdgeStyle -

    An enumeration of the available edge patterns of a Style.

  • GeoDeviceLocation -

    A point in geographic space that represents the device's current latitude and longitude coordinates.

  • Geographic -

    An entity that can be placed on a map.

  • GeographicsProvisioningBridge -

    A bridge to translate an external geographic data source into Geographic data and add it to a DataProvider.

  • GeographicsProvisioningBridgeDataSource -

    Indicates how data sources used with GeographicsProvisioningBridge will be interpreted.

  • GeographicsProvisioningBridgeResult -

    Represents the types of results that can occur when using GeographicsProvisioningBridge.

  • GeoList -

    A container of Geographic elements.

  • GeoLocation -

    A location in geographic space that represents a latitude and longitude coordinate, and is visually represented on the map using its Marker attribute.

  • GeoPolygon -

    A polygon is an arbitrary object in geographic space that is defined by a sequence of coordinates.

  • GeoPolyline -

    A polyline in geographic space that is represented by a set of ordered Points.

  • GeoShape -

    A base class for all geographic shapes.

  • LocationMapInvoker -

    An invoker for viewing a certain location (or a set of locations) on a map.

  • MapData -

    A collection of data providers to be represented on a map.

  • MapImageCacheManager -

    Provides management actions on a cache of static map images.

  • MapImageGenerator -

    A generator which makes an asynchronous request for a map image.

  • MapImageGeneratorError -

    The set of possible error codes when getting a static map image.

  • MapInvoker -

    Stores common properties that can be set in order to trigger map-related content requests.

  • MapLongPressToPinDrop -

    A utility action class for performing a pin drop, which is the creation of a new point of interest (pin) triggered by a user's action.

  • MapNavigationMode -

    The set of possible navigation modes.

  • MapSearchMode -

    The set of possible search modes.

  • MapTransportationMode -

    The set of possible modes of transportation.

  • MapView -

    A graphics user interface (GUI) control that displays a map along with user-defined geographic elements, which can be points of interest or other location-aware elements.

  • Marker -

    A visual representation of a location on a map.

  • Point -

    A point in geographic space that is represented by latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees and an altitude coordinate in meters.

  • Polyline -

    A Polyline in geographic space that is represented by an ordered set of latitude and longitude coordinates (vertices).

  • RenderEngine -

    The common interface for all rendering engine implementations.

  • RenderEngineConfiguration -

    Configuration information that's passed to a RenderEngine upon initialization.

  • RenderEngineInfo -

    The characteristics of a render engine.

  • RouteMapInvoker -

    An invoker used to trigger navigation through a map route.

  • Style -

    Visual information that can be applied to a Geographic.

  • StyleSheet -

    A collection of Styles to be used when rendering a set of map content.

  • TypicalMapAltitude -

    Captures how the typical altitudes (at different view levels) should be interpreted.

  • ViewProperties -

    The properties of the current view.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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