Provide support for in-progress call communication in your apps.

You can initiate calls and perform other phone-related operations by using the classes in this category. You can listen for incoming calls, place outgoing calls, and retrieve detailed information about a call, such as the ID, call state, and call type.

Additional resources

To learn more about phone communication, visit the Telephony documentation.

For information about APIs that let you retrieve call log information and properties for a single call in the log, see the Phone APIs in the App integration section.


  • Call -

    Provides a call's ID, state, and type information.

  • CallAction -

    Values describing the actions that can be performed on a phone call.

  • CallCommandResponse -

    Provides information about a call command response.

  • CallState -

    Values describing the states of a call.

  • CallType -

    Values describing the type of the call.

  • Line -

    Provides a phone line's ID, address, and type information.

  • LineType -

    The types of phone lines available for making calls.

  • Phone -

    Provides phone-related functionality.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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