Use the NFC classes to handle near-field communication with other devices.

Near-field communication allows devices to exchange information when they're in close proximity to each other. You can provide NFC support in your apps and exchange NDEF records in various formats, such as text, URI, and smart posters. You can also share content with other NFC-enabled devices or NFC tags, and manage all aspects of this functionality using these classes.


  • NfcShareDataContent -

    Defines a request to share data over NFC.

  • NfcShareError -

    The list of notifications provided to the NfcShareManager::error() signal after an unsuccessful attempt to share content via NFC.

  • NfcShareFilesContent -

    Defines a request to share local files over NFC.

  • NfcShareHandoverTransport -

    The list of transports supported by NFC handover.

  • NfcShareManager -

    The NfcShareManager class manages all interactions related to sharing files and data over NFC.

  • NfcShareMode -

    The list of supported NFC share modes.

  • NfcShareSetContentError -

    The list of errors that can occur when setting the content to share using NFC.

  • NfcShareStartTransferMode -

    The list of supported modes for starting NFC Transfer.

  • NfcShareSuccess -

    The list of notifications provided to the NfcShareManager::finished() signal after successfully sharing content using NFC.

Last modified: 2014-04-03

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