Request hardware info, such as battery level, and access information about display and hardware capabilities.

As you develop your apps, you might need to retrieve specific information about the device. For example, you might need to know the current charging state of the device battery, determine whether an SD card is inserted into the device, or just retrieve general device information such as PIN or IMEI. You can use the classes in this category to access this information.


  • BatteryChargingState -

    The set of possible charging states for the battery.

  • BatteryCondition -

    The set of possible conditions of the battery.

  • BatteryInfo -

    A class that provides the battery information of the device.

  • DeviceInfo -

    Provides access to information about the current state of the device.

  • DeviceOrientation -

    Represents the orientation in which the device is being held relative to the BlackBerry logo in its natural orientation.

  • DisplayAspectType -

    The aspect of the display describes the shape of the rectangular region that defines the display area.

  • DisplayInfo -

    The DisplayInfo API enables applications to determine properties of the built-in physical displays, and any externally connected physical displays.

  • DisplayTechnology -

    The set of possible display technologies.

  • HardwareInfo -

    Provides access to information about the device hardware.

  • HdmiConnector -

    The set of possible HDMI connectors.

  • NetworkDataUsage -

    Allows monitoring of network traffic statistics.

  • SdCardActivity -

    Indicates if the SD card is performing an operation or not.

  • SdCardInfo -

    A class that provides information about the state of the SD card.

  • SdCardState -

    The state of the SD card.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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