Use these classes to control the vibration and LED hardware on a device.

You can change the color that the LED flashes, as well as the number of times that it flashes. You can also make vibration requests to direct a device to vibrate at certain times in your app.


  • Led -

    The Led class represents requests for flashing the LED present on the device.

  • LedColor -

    The LedColor class provides a wrapper for the LedColor::Type enumeration.

  • UserActivityState -

    The possible user activity states of a device.

  • VibrationController -

    Allows control of vibration.

  • WiFiDirect -

    The WiFiDirect class provides the entry point to accessing information about WiFiDirect devices, or establishing connections with those devices.

  • WiFiDirectConnectionState -

    The state of the WiFiDirect connection to the network group.

  • WiFiDirectDeviceType -

    Indicates the type of WiFiDirect device.

  • WiFiDirectIntent -

    The intent of the WiFiDirect connection.

  • WiFiDirectResult -

    The possible outcomes of WiFiDirect service operations.

  • WiFiDirectRole -

    The connection role within the network group.

  • WiFiDirectWpsMethod -

    The WPS connection method to use.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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