File picker

Use the APIs in this category to create a file picker that lets users select and save individual or multiple files.

Additional resources

To learn more about file pickers and how to use them in your apps, visit the Pickers documentation.


  • FilePicker -

    Allows the user to select a file or select a name and location for saving a file.

  • FilePickerError -

    An error class for indicating failures from the file picker.

  • FilePickerMode -

    Defines whether the FilePicker is used for picking single or multiple files or selecting a destination for saving one or more files.

  • FilePickerSortFlag -

    Defines the attributes that the files can be sorted on in FilePicker.

  • FilePickerSortOrder -

    Defines the possible sort order.

  • FilePickerSourceRestriction -

    Defines source restriction modes in FilePicker.

  • FilePickerViewMode -

    Defines view modes in FilePicker.

  • FileType -

    Defines the type of files that the user can select in FilePicker.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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