File picker

  • FilePicker -

    Allows the user to select a file or select a name and location for saving a file.

  • FilePickerError -

    An error class for indicating failures from the file picker.

  • FilePickerMode -

    Defines whether the FilePicker is used for picking single or multiple files or selecting a destination for saving one or more files.

  • FilePickerSortFlag -

    Defines the attributes that the files can be sorted on in FilePicker.

  • FilePickerSortOrder -

    Defines the possible sort order.

  • FilePickerSourceRestriction -

    Defines source restriction modes in FilePicker.

  • FilePickerViewMode -

    Defines view modes in FilePicker.

  • FileType -

    Defines the type of files that the user can select in FilePicker.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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