Data sources

Use the APIs in this category to access data from data sources, such as XML, JSON, or SQL.

Additional resources

To learn more about data sources and how to use them in your apps, visit the Data storage documentation.


  • AsyncDataAccess -

    Allows communication with an asynchronous worker in another thread.

  • AsyncWorker -

    Represents objects that do asynchronous work.

  • DataAccessError -

    Represents an error from a DataAccess load or save operation.

  • DataAccessErrorType -

    Represents types of data access errors.

  • DataAccessReply -

    The reply from an asynchronous data access operation.

  • DataSource -

    Provides access to data from an external data source.

  • DataSourceType -

    Represents data types that you can use with a DataSource.

  • JsonDataAccess -

    Provides load and save operations for JSON data.

  • SqlConnection -

    Connects to an SQL database and executes commands asynchronously.

  • SqlDataAccess -

    Retrieves and updates data in an SQL database.

  • SqlWorker -

    A worker that executes SQL commands in another thread.

  • XmlDataAccess -

    Converts data from XML format to Qt C++ value objects or from Qt C++ value objects to XML format.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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