Data models

Use the APIs in this category to store, organize, and present the data from your data sources.

Additional resources

To learn more about data models and how to use them in your apps, visit the List documentation.


  • ArrayDataModel -

    Contains a list of QVariant values, typically for a ListView.

  • DataModel -

    An abstract class that can be used to provide a ListView with data.

  • DataModelChangeType -

    Represents different types of data model changes.

  • GroupDataModel -

    A data model to be used with a ListView.

  • IndexMapper -

    Indicates whether a ListView can translate cached items to new indexes.

  • ItemGrouping -

    Represents different ways of grouping items in a GroupDataModel.

  • QListDataModel -

    Contains a list of <Item> values, typically for a ListView.

  • XmlDataModel -

    A class that creates a static DataModel for ListView from an XML file.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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