Since: BlackBerry 10.0.0

#include <bb/platform/PaymentConnectionMode>

To link against this class, add the following line to your .pro file: LIBS += -lbbplatform

Set of Payment API connection modes.

The Payment API can be put into bb::platform::PaymentConnectionMode::Test connection mode for easier testing.


Public Types Index

enum Type

Test 0, Production 1

Public Types


Set of Payment API connection modes.


BlackBerry 10.0.0

Test 0

Testing mode that bypasses the Payment server.

Production 1

Standard production mode.

When in this mode, purchases and retrievals of existing purchases proceed normally, contacting the Payment server as necessary. This is the default connection mode, and applications in production should not modify it.

This is the default connection mode.


Production code should use this mode.


BlackBerry 10.0.0

Last modified: 2015-01-22

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