Since: BlackBerry 10.0.0

#include <bb/cascades/pickers/CalendarEventPickerError>

To link against this class, add the following line to your .pro file: LIBS += -lbbcascadespickers

An error class for indicating failures when launching the calendar picker.

The CalendarEventPickerError class is used to determine why launching the CalendarEventPicker has failed during launch.


Public Types Index

enum Type

None = 0, Internal = 1, InsufficientPermissions = 2

Public Types


None = 0


Internal = 1

The picker failed as a result of an internal error.

Examples of internal errors include running out of memory or entering an unexpected state.


BlackBerry 10.0.0

InsufficientPermissions = 2

A request failed because the requesting entity lacks sufficient permissions.


BlackBerry 10.0.0

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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