Retrieve information about past calls.

You can use these APIs to gather information about incoming or outgoing calls on the device. You can retrieve the history of past calls (also called the call log), and you can dive deeper and find out the properties and history of a single call in the log. Note that you can use these APIs in the personal perimeter only.

To use these call log APIs, you must include the access_pimdomain_calllogs permission in the bar-descriptor.xml file of your project.

Additional resources

For information about APIs that let you initiate calls and perform real-time operations on calls that are in progress, see the Phone APIs in the Device and communication section.


  • CallAttribute -

    An enumeration of CallEntry attributes for filtering purposes.

  • CallEntry -

    A CallEntry represents the history of a single call.

  • CallEntryResult -

    This class represents the results of fetching CallEntry from CallHistoryService.

  • CallHistoryError -

    Operation result values.

  • CallHistoryFilter -

    CallHistoryFilter provides a way to parameterize which calls are fetched.

  • CallHistoryParam -

    Supplemental parameters for querying call history.

  • CallHistoryService -

    CallHistoryService provides a way to inspect into the history of recently made calls.

  • CallType -

    Call Type constants.

  • ContactEntry -

    This class is used by CallHistoryService to return contact information about a CallHistory.

  • SortOrder -

    Sort order values.

Last modified: 2014-06-26

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