Invocation framework

Invoke other applications on the device from within your app by using the invocation framework.

If you want to provide support for a certain file type in your app, and you know that there's already a core application on the device that's designed to handle the file type, you can invoke that application directly from your own app. This approach lets you handle a wide variety of file formats without writing specialized code for each one. You can use the invocation framework classes to specify invocation targets and requests, as well as handle replies and errors.

Additional resources

To learn more about the invocation framework and how to invoke other applications from your apps, visit the App integration documentation.

In addition to the classes listed here, there are several other classes that you can use with the invocation framework: Invocation, InvokeActionItem, InvokeHandler, InvokeQuery, and InvokeState.


Last modified: 2015-01-22

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