Use the features of the Contacts application in your own app.

You can use the classes in this API to add, modify, and delete entries in the Contacts application on a device. You can specify information such as email and postal addresses, phone numbers, photos, and so on. You can also retrieve a list of contacts that fit certain criteria through filtering.

To use the Contacts API, you must set the access_pimdomain_contacts permission in the bar-descriptor.xml file of your project.

Additional resources

To learn more about the Contacts API and how to use it in your apps, visit the Personal information management documentation.


  • Activity -

    The Activity class represents the PIM activity types that can be queried.

  • AttributeKind -

    The AttributeKind class contains the possible attribute kinds for a contact.

  • AttributeSubKind -

    The AttributeSubKind class contains the possible attribute sub-kinds for a contact.

  • Contact -

    The Contact class represents contact data, such as name, email address, and postal address.

  • ContactActivity -

    The ContactActivity class represents an interaction with a Contact object.

  • ContactAttribute -

    The ContactAttribute class represents a property of a Contact.

  • ContactAttributeBuilder -

    The ContactAttributeBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new ContactAttribute or edit an existing ContactAttribute.

  • ContactAutoCompleteSearchFilters -

    The ContactAutoCompleteSearchFilters class represents a set of search filters that are used for auto-complete searches.

  • ContactBuilder -

    The ContactBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new Contact or edit an existing Contact.

  • ContactFolder -

    The ContactFolder class represents a folder to store contacts.

  • ContactGroup -

    The ContactGroup class represents a group contact which can contain a number of individual contacts as members.

  • ContactGroupBuilder -

    The ContactGroupBuilder class lets you create and specify properties for a new ContactGroup or edit an existing ContactGroup.

  • ContactListFilters -

    The ContactListFilters class represents a set of filters that are used for listing and sorting contacts.

  • ContactMultiSearchFilters -

    The ContactMultiSearchFilters class represents a set of filters that are used to perform multiple searches for specific contacts at once.

  • ContactNews -

    The ContactNews class represents online news for a contact.

  • ContactOnlineStatus -

    The ContactOnlineStatus class represents the online status of a contact.

  • ContactPhoto -

    The ContactPhoto class represents a photo that's associated with a Contact.

  • ContactPhotoBuilder -

    The ContactPhotoBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new ContactPhoto or edit an existing ContactPhoto.

  • ContactPicker -

    A picker for selecting a contact, multiple contacts, or an attribute of a contact.

  • ContactPostalAddress -

    The ContactPostalAddress class represents a postal address for a contact.

  • ContactPostalAddressBuilder -

    The ContactPostalAddressBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new ContactPostalAddress or edit an existing ContactPostalAddress.

  • ContactRemoteSearchFilters -

    The ContactRemoteSearchFilters class represents a set of filters that are used for remote searches.

  • ContactSearchFilters -

    The ContactSearchFilters class represents a set of filters that are used to search for specific contacts.

  • ContactSelectionMode -

    Defines the selection mode that a ContactPicker should be launched in.

  • ContactService -

    The ContactService class provides CRUD (create/read/update/delete) operations on Contact objects.

  • ContactType -

    The ContactType class represents the type of contact.

  • NameOrder -

    The NameOrder class represents the orders that can be used for the contacts display name.

  • PerimeterStatus -

    The PerimeterStatus class represents the enterprise perimeter state.

  • SearchAutoCompleteField -

    The SearchAutoCompleteField class represents the fields that a ContactAutoCompleteSearchFilters can apply to.

  • SearchField -

    The SearchField class represents the fields that a ContactSearchFilters can apply to.

  • SelectedContactAttribute -

    Represents the selection of an attribute of a contact from the ContactPicker.

  • SortColumn -

    The SortColumn class represents the columns that can be used to sort contacts.

  • SortOrder -

    The SortOrder class represents the sort order (ascending or descending) of a contact list or search response.

  • VCardPhotoEncoding -

    The VCardPhotoEncoding class represents possible vCard photo encoding types.

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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