Add, update, and remove contacts in the Contacts application on a device.

The Calendar application contains appointments and other calendar entries, and you can use the Calendar APIs to manipulate these entries. You can create new entries with information such as attendee list, recurrence, and frequency, and you can update or delete existing entries. You can also provide support for iCalendar files and data.

Additional resources

To learn more about the Contacts API and how to use it in your apps, visit the Personal information management documentation.


  • Activity -

    The Activity class represents the PIM activity types that can be queried.

  • AttributeKind -

    The AttributeKind class contains the possible attribute kinds for a contact.

  • AttributeSubKind -

    The AttributeSubKind class contains the possible attribute sub-kinds for a contact.

  • Contact -

    The Contact class represents contact data, such as name, email address, and postal address.

  • ContactActivity -

    The ContactActivity class represents an interaction with a Contact object.

  • ContactAttribute -

    The ContactAttribute class represents a property of a Contact.

  • ContactAttributeBuilder -

    The ContactAttributeBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new ContactAttribute or edit an existing ContactAttribute.

  • ContactAutoCompleteSearchFilters -

    The ContactAutoCompleteSearchFilters class represents a set of search filters that are used for auto-complete searches.

  • ContactBuilder -

    The ContactBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new Contact or edit an existing Contact.

  • ContactListFilters -

    The ContactListFilters class represents a set of filters that are used for listing and sorting contacts.

  • ContactNews -

    The ContactNews class represents online news for a contact.

  • ContactOnlineStatus -

    The ContactOnlineStatus class represents the online status of a contact.

  • ContactPhoto -

    The ContactPhoto class represents a photo that's associated with a Contact.

  • ContactPhotoBuilder -

    The ContactPhotoBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new ContactPhoto or edit an existing ContactPhoto.

  • ContactPicker -

    A picker for selecting a contact, multiple contacts, or an attribute of a contact.

  • ContactPostalAddress -

    The ContactPostalAddress class represents a postal address for a contact.

  • ContactPostalAddressBuilder -

    The ContactPostalAddressBuilder class lets you create, and specify properties for, a new ContactPostalAddress or edit an existing ContactPostalAddress.

  • ContactRemoteSearchFilters -

    The ContactRemoteSearchFilters class represents a set of filters that are used for remote searches.

  • ContactSearchFilters -

    The ContactSearchFilters class represents a set of filters that are used to search for specific contacts.

  • ContactSelectionMode -

    Defines the selection mode that a ContactPicker should be launched in.

  • ContactService -

    The ContactService class provides CRUD (create/read/update/delete) operations on Contact objects.

  • PerimeterStatus -

    The PerimeterStatus class represents the enterprise perimeter state.

  • SearchAutoCompleteField -

    The SearchAutoCompleteField class represents the fields that a ContactAutoCompleteSearchFilters can apply to.

  • SearchField -

    The SearchField class represents the fields that a ContactSearchFilters can apply to.

  • SelectedContactAttribute -

    Represents the selection of an attribute of a contact from the ContactPicker.

  • SortColumn -

    The SortColumn class represents the columns that can be used to sort contacts.

  • SortOrder -

    The SortOrder class represents the sort order (ascending or descending) of a contact list or search response.

  • VCardPhotoEncoding -

    The VCardPhotoEncoding class represents possible vCard photo encoding types.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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