Handle account records that are associated with specific users.

An account is associated with a particular provider, such as an enterprise provider or social provider. Each account contains a set of supported services, such as contacts, geolocations, and so on. You can use these classes to retrieve information about an account and its provider and services.


  • Account -

    An Account.

  • AccountsChanged -

    The AccountsChanged class provides the necessary information to the client regarding changes that have taken place on Account objects stored on the device.

  • AccountService -

    The AccountService class is the entry point for Account Management.

  • Property -

    The Property class provides the possible values that can be used to describe individual data elements found within Account and Provider objects.

  • Provider -

    A Provider.

  • Result -

    This class is used to return the outcome of an operation requested from AccountService.

  • Service -

    The Service class provides the possible values that can be used as a parameter to an assortment of functions in the AccountService, Account, and Provider classes.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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