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Cascades lets you create visually astonishing UIs for your mobile apps with fully functioning multimedia support for both audio and video. You can design apps that record multimedia content and allow your users to play, seek, and rewind their audio and video files. Cascades also supports streaming audio and video, which users can interact with in the same way as audio and video files.

With Cascades, your apps can support most of the popular audio and video file formats and streaming protocols.

There are four basic components that make up the Cascades multimedia suite of services.

  • Audio recorder: This component allows you to create multimedia apps that can be used to record audio files.
  • Multimedia player: This component allows your apps to play audio and video files including both local and streamed content.
  • System sound: This component allows your apps to use system sounds that come preloaded on the device.
  • Notifications: These media notifications allow you to create apps that can monitor the media content that is currently playing and respond to media notifications as they become available.

For information about BlackBerry media support, see BlackBerry media support at a glance.

Working with the QNX Sound Architecture

As an alternative to using the Cascades multimedia suite, you can create an audio app that uses the QNX Sound Architecture (QSA) drivers and library.

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