Building your app

Different stages of the app development life cycle require you to use different tools. The quick reference chart below illustrates the stages of app development and the commonly used tools associated with each platform.

Planning tool use.

Although the tools may vary between iOS and BlackBerry 10 app development, the high-level process is essentially the same. Here’s the process for creating a simple app on both tools:

Setting up your project

Screen showing the project template in iOS.
Screen showing the project template in the Momentics IDE.

To create a Cascades project, you specify a project name and select from one of the templates that you want to use to get started. For more information on setting up a project, see Managing projects.

Designing and creating the UI

Screen showing UI design in Xcode.
Screen showing UI design in Cascades Exporter.

Using the Cascades Exporter you can design your UI and export the assets so that they can be imported into the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry. For more information on Cascades Exporter, see Tutorial: Explore Cascades Exporter

Writing your code

Screen showing the source editor in Xcode.
Momentics IDE source editor.

Using the QML Editing perspective in the Momentics IDE, you can write your code, preview your work, and manage your app assets. For more information on using the QML Editing perspective, see The QML Editing perspective

Building and simulating

Screen showing a sample app on the iOS simulator.
Screen showing a sample app on the BlackBerry 10 Device simulator.

When building applications for BlackBerry 10, you can test them on a simulator or an actual device. Once you're ready to run your application, you build the binaries for your target (simulator or device) and launch the application directly from the IDE.

For more information about building and running an app, see Building and running.

For more information about using the simulator, see BlackBerry 10 Device Simulator.

The resulting app

Screen showing the finished sample in iOS.
Screen showing the finished sample in BlackBerry 10.

The similarities between the tools make the move from Xcode to the Momentics IDE as simple as possible as you port your app.

Distributing your BlackBerry 10 app

The BlackBerry World storefront offers you the ability to distribute your app in over 160 markets with no registration or submission fees. You have multiple opportunities for monetization, and the submission process for your app is straightforward and transparent.

For more information on BlackBerry World, see Frequently Asked Questions.

To learn what you need to distribute your app in the BlackBerry World storefront, see Signing and publishing.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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