Comparing the tools

One of the challenges of porting your app across platforms is learning the differences between the respective IDEs. Xcode and the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry share a number of similar features, and looking at these is a good starting point as you begin to familiarize yourself with the Momentics IDE:

Similar features between Xcode and the Momentics IDE.

First, take a look at the tool you’re likely familiar with.


Xcode is the primary development environment for iOS applications. It uses Objective C for creating application UIs, and the primary view is composed of the following elements:

  • Project Navigator: Use to organize the main components of your project
  • Source editor: Use to write your code
  • Toolbar: Use to view commonly used controls

Xcode also has contextual help and an integrated UI design tool called Interface Builder, which is not shown below. Contextual help provides focused assistance and articles about the task you are performing, and the Interface Builder allows you to create interfaces for applications using a UI.

Primary view in Xcode.

Momentics IDE

The Momentics IDE supports development in Windows and Mac environments. The Momentics IDE is an Eclipse based environment used to develop native BlackBerry 10 applications using C/C++ and QML, and is composed of the following elements:

  • Project Explorer: Use to organize the main components of your project
  • Components view: Use to view a list of commonly used panes, controls, layouts, and animations that you can use in your application
  • Editor: Use to edit both C/C++ and QML, and offers syntax highlighting, formatting, code folding, and code completion
  • Preview: Use to preview your QML code as a rendered image in near real-time
  • QML Properties: Use to view various properties associated with a QML component
  • Outline: Use to view the structure view of your source
  • Assets: Use to view a list of all the assets in your application project. Window not shown in the screenshot below
  • Image viewer: View your image assets directly in the IDE. Window not shown in the screenshot below

Primary view in the Momentics IDE.

Because the Momentics IDE is Eclipse based, you can customize it using a drag and drop approach. You can move, resize, or remove views using a mouse. Experiment with the layout of the elements until you find a configuration that you like.

For more information on the Momentics IDE, see Build, test, and deploy your app.

For more information about Cascades specific features, see The QML Editing perspective.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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