Tutorial: Explore the Freemium sample app

The Sample apps page includes many Cascades apps that you can download, import into the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry, and try out. You can use these samples to learn about specific features that you want to use while you're developing your own apps.

There are several sample apps that demonstrate how to use Payment Service APIs. The Payment Service sample app creates a store that sells items and subscriptions. The UI of this app is created in QML and the digital goods handling is done in C++. The app stores information about the digital goods for sale in an XML data model.

The Freemium sample app demonstrates one possible implementation of a freemium business model. In the freemium model, users download the app for free and you decide what premium costs are charged for additional content or features. For more information, see Making money from your app.

Screen showing the Cascades Freemium sample app.

The game that's created in this sample, "BYO UFO", allows users to purchase various upgrades to their UFO. All transactions for digital goods are handled in QML. We explore this app to understand how to set up a store that sells digital goods.

You will learn to:

  • Set up a UI to create a store as a separate page
  • Create a custom component to represent the store in your UI
  • Create a custom component to represent a digital good in the store

Downloading the Freemium sample app

Visit the community-made samples on the Sample apps page or download the Freemium sample app from GitHub. Before we start exploring the app, import it into the Momentics IDE and try it out. To learn how, see Importing and exporting projects.

As we explore the different areas of the app, you can follow along in the code in the IDE. The app includes comments that provide additional information to help you understand what's happening in the code.

Last modified: 2015-04-16

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