Media Player

The following information shows you how to use invocation framework with Media Player. If you are developing an app using C++ or QML, see Mediaplayer for information on using the Media Player API.

Opening audio or video files

Here are the invocation attributes you use to open audio or video files:

Attribute Value
Target ID sys.mediaplayer.previewer
MIME type All supported audio and video files
Action bb.action.VIEW
  • file://
  • http://

Here are the data attributes to open audio or video files:

Data Description
contentTitle The title that's displayed in the viewer title field.
imageUri The URL of the image source that replaces the default background image. This attribute is useful for audio content.

If you're using C++, data must be a PPS-encoded QVariantMap, as shown in the example below:

QVariantMap map;
map.insert(“contentTitle”, “My Title”);         
map.insert(“imageUri”, “file://..”);           
QByteArray requestData = PpsObject::encode(map, NULL);

The invocation attributes you use to open audio or video files with the Media Player application require the same set of attributes as the ones you use for the Media Player cards, except for the target ID:

Attribute Value
Target ID

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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