BBM Social Platform

Take advantage of the social features of BBM by connecting your app to the BBM Social Platform. Engaging users with this social aspect can increase the discoverability and stickiness of your app.

The BBM Social Platform (bbmsp) APIs and Cascades BBM APIs provide access to the social features and functionality of BBM, all from within your app. For example, you can:

  • Invite BBM contacts to download your app by accessing a user's BBM contact list
  • Update a user's BBM personal message, status, and avatar
  • Add a customizable application box to a user's BBM profile to broadcast achievements or provide updates

To learn more, see Contacts and profiles and Chats and sharing. To test your BBM connected app, see Testing and deploying.

You can also use the invocation framework to interact with BBM. You can invoke BBM to share files, open BBM, share text, invite users to BBM, start a BBM audio or video chat, or invoke BBM Channels. For more information, see BBM in Invoking core apps.

As you design the UI for your BBM connected app, be aware of the impact that the layout of the screens and the flow of interactions have on the user's experience with your app. Provide meaningful, streamlined interactions between your app and BBM. The following best practices can help you create the best possible experience for your users.

Best practices

Create a short name for your app. Long names detract from readability. Avoid including the version of your app in the name. For example, use "Word Mole" instead of "Word Mole version 2.0."

Mention that your app is BBM connected when you write a description of your app for the BlackBerry World storefront. Because BBM is one of the most widely used apps on BlackBerry devices, users might be encouraged to try your app. You can use the following sample text in your description: "By connecting this app to BBM, you and your contacts can get together, socialize, and communicate by <insert a phrase that describes what users can do (for example, playing games against each other)>."

Design an icon that is visually interesting. Make sure that users can distinguish the icon from the background of the screen and that they can distinguish your app from other apps. Avoid using BBM icons or BBM branding in your app.

Last modified: 2015-05-07

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