Do you want to know how many users checked out your app yesterday? Do you need information about where your users live, the devices they use, how often they log in, and how long their sessions are?

Finding answers to those questions can help you make strategic updates that address the needs of your users directly, and can increase customer loyalty.

What information can analytics services provide?

User demographics
Screen showing analytics partner UI.Know your users' location, device type, platform, service providers, and so on.
App use
Learn about the time of day use, page views, and shopping cart abandonment.
Monitor events and find out where users get stuck and give up.
Find out how effectively you're converting your users from free to paid apps.

Engagement and retention

Screen showing analytics partner Localytics funnel exampleEngagement analysis can be your starting point for a data-based approach to user experience design and mobile app marketing. Armed with the right information, you can increase engagement, loyalty, and retention.

Test the effectiveness of your releases and marketing campaigns by evaluating if your users are becoming more or less loyal over time.

You can compare session length and intervals between new and returning users to evaluate users’ loyalty changes over time with cohort-based retention analysis.

How can analytics help my app make more money?

Use demographic information to find out what groups favor your type of app. Then, you can find out how those potential customers prefer to work and play, and design accordingly. For example, if your users generally prefer short sessions, make sure that your app gets their attention right away. Or, if many of your users are over the age of 65, make sure that your app is accessible for users with low or no vision.
With a full understanding of who your best customers are and where they live, you can launch effectively targeted marketing campaigns.
Cross-selling to the customers you have already is a great marketing opportunity. If you have several apps, you can track overlap in use across your apps, and up-sell and cross-sell conversions among your own portfolio.
In-app purchases
Find out who's buying in-app goods and subscriptions, and what they're doing in your app that makes them decide it's time to buy.

Where to go from here?

There are several analytics services available for BlackBerry 10 app developers. In most cases, there are free options to get you started, and integration only takes a few lines of code. Paid options, which are scalable to grow with your needs, are also available.

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Find out more about our partners providing analytics services, see Analytics service.

Last modified: 2015-06-03

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