Managing projects

When you start the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry for the first time, the Workspace Launcher dialog box prompts you for a location to store your workspace. All of your projects are stored in this folder.

Projects are containers for your source code and related files. Before you can develop apps in the Momentics IDE, you must create a project to store your work.

Use the New Project wizard to create a project.

  1. On the File menu, click New > BlackBerry Project.
  2. Follow the steps in the New BlackBerry Project wizard.
  3. Click Finish to create your project. The Momentics IDE creates a launch configuration for your app. For more information launch configurations, see Create a launch configuration.

After you create a Cascades project, you might be prompted to open the project in the QML Editing perspective. The QML Editing perspective contains several views that are designed to assist with QML development, such as the Components view and QML Properties view. If you create a Core Native project, the IDE opens the C/C++ perspective, which features the Project Explorer view and the editor.

For more information about the views that you can use in the Momentics IDE, see Explore the Momentics IDE.

Screen showing the QML Editing perspective in the Momentics IDE.

There are several types of projects that you can create:

Cascades application

A native C++/QML app that uses the Cascades UI framework. The following templates are available:

  • Standard empty project — Create a basic app that loads a .qml file.
  • List view — Create an app that uses a list view.
  • Tabbed pane — Create an app that allows users to switch tabs.
  • Navigation pane — Create an app that uses a navigation pane to display a details screen.
  • Headless app — Create a headless app that can run in the background. This template creates a project folder for the UI component and a project folder for the service.
  • Card app — Create a card app that can send a message to a UI card.

Core Native application

A native C/C++ app that uses the core APIs. The following templates are available:

  • OpenGL — Create a simple animated app from an OpenGL ES 1.1 or OpenGL ES 2.0 app template.
  • Screen — Create an app from a screen-based app template.
  • Empty — Create an empty project without any code.

Cascades Library

A native C++ library that uses the Cascades UI framework.

A library can contain reusable code that you can share with multiple projects. You can create a library and add it to your project so that it's included in your finished app when you build it. There are three types of libraries: Cascades, Static, and Shared. You can create a static or shared library to reuse C++ or C code.

You can create a Cascades library to reuse Qt app logic or custom QML components. For more information, see Create a library .

Static Library

A collection of object files that you can link into another app (libxx.a). A static library is included in your .pro file and linked when you build a release version of your app.

Shared Library

A project that produces a C/C++ shared library. A shared library is bundled with your app and dynamically linked by your app when it starts.

BlackBerry WebWorks Native Extension

A project for a custom extension for BlackBerry WebWorks HTML5 apps, with access to all of the BlackBerry 10 core APIs.

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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