New to native development on BlackBerry 10?

Not sure where to get started? Click the arrow below to see some of the resources that'll help get you developing with the core APIs in the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

Getting started

A must for all first timers

Before you do anything, read the Getting Started section. It contains useful information to help you set up your environment and get to know the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry.

Then, walk through the tutorial to create your first core app. You'll learn some basic concepts of developing for BlackBerry 10, and you'll also learn how to build and test apps on a device or the BlackBerry 10 Device Simulator.

Getting started

Development fundamentals

Information that all developers need

The Development section contains information that's important to all the apps you create. Learn more about the Momentics IDE or the BlackBerry Native Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

You can also read about general principles and guidelines for developing apps using the Native SDK. Learn about the app life cycle, the bar-descriptor.xml file, app permissions, file system access, and command line tools.

Porting to BlackBerry 10

Read about how to start porting your apps to BlackBerry 10.

Start porting
Porting to BlackBerry 10


Learn about app permissions, smart card capabilities, and encryption solutions that you can use to help make your apps more secure.

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Credential Manager

Add enhanced security features to your apps, including password-based credentials, certificate-based credentials, and authentication tools.

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New & Updated

New: Wi-Fi service

This new guide explores Wi-Fi features that you can add to your apps.

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You can learn about receiving and processing Wi-Fi events, creating a Wi-Fi hotspot aggregator app, and retrieving user profiles.

Updated: Library support

A new table structure and clearer steps are included in this update.

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Different library types now have their own pages, and improved instructions describe how to add libraries for each project type.

New: Credential Manager Library

This library includes additional security features for credentials and authentication.

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Your apps can support password-based and certificate-based credentials, as well as use other authentication methods, to help increase security and provide a great user experience.

Updated: BlackBerry Platform Services

This library has been updated with support for new system keys.

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You can use new event codes for new keys that appear on a BlackBerry Classic device: Back, End, and Send.

Updated: Multimedia

This guide now includes information about metadata and switching tracks.

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You can use the multimedia APIs to switch audio tracks in supported file formats and access track-specific metadata.

Updated: Build, test, and deploy your app

This guide has been renamed and updated for the latest release.

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Formerly known as "Using the Momentics IDE", this guide includes updates to our documentation to reflect the new UI and features in Momentics 2.1.1 Gold.

Updated: Networking

The Retrieve network status recipe has been expanded with additional information.

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Steps to retrieve the network status on a device have been supplemented with library information and a code sample that describes how to send an HTTP request.

Updated: Dictionary Object Library

This library has been moved into its own section in the API reference.

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Previously included as part of the Multimedia Library, the Dictionary Object Library lets you create and manipulate dictionary objects in your apps.

Updated: BBM Social Platform

Topics have been reorganized for better flow and usability.

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Best practices have been distributed throughout this guide, now appearing closer in context to the information that they apply to, and the topic structure has been revised and improved.

Updated: Smart Card Library

New functions have been added to both the C and C++ libraries.

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You can use new C and C++ functions that support key generation and management.

Updated: Internationalization

A dedicated section and new topic titles make information easier to find.

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The previous recipe for accessing locale settings has been expanded, and the new organization makes it easier to locate the information you're looking for.

Updated: Dialog boxes, prompts, and toasts

Updates to this guide provide a more streamlined reader experience.

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It's now easier to learn the fundamental concepts of dialog boxes, prompts, and toasts, and information has been reorganized to be more consistent and easier to find.

Updated: Bluetooth

More information about Bluetooth low energy capabilities has been added.

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The sections in this guide have also been reorganized, making it easier to learn about low energy capabilities and other Bluetooth features.

Last modified: 2014-11-17

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