Gaming & Porting

Create new games, or port your apps and games from other platforms.

The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK makes it easy for you to create high-performance games and port your existing applications. The Native SDK supports a variety of open-source and commercial libraries right out of the box, to minimize your porting effort.

Create a game

BlackBerry 10 OS is a high-performance platform that is perfect for game development. BlackBerry 10 OS provides powerful built-in library support for games, as well as support for open source and commercial game engines and middleware. For example, Cocos2D-X, OpenGL ES, and OpenAL are supported.

Game Development on BlackBerry 10 OS

It's where your game belongs

Learn about what is available for game development on BlackBerry 10 and how to take your games to the next level. There's even a tutorial that describes how to pair a Bluetooth controller with your BlackBerry 10 device!

Game development

Port your app

If you have created an game or app on another platform, you can port it easily. Use the following guides to figure out what you need to do based on the platform you are coming from. If you have not ported an app to BlackBerry 10 OS, we suggest you read Getting started with porting before you dive into these more detailed guides.

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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