Connect your app to the BBM social platform

Connecting to the BBM social platform starts with registering your app. The BBM social platform APIs are not available for use until the app is registered. Once your app is successfully registered with the BBM social platform and has access to the APIs, it listens for bbmsp events, determines the event category and type, retrieves any applicable payload data, and processes them accordingly.

Applications that are installed in the Work perimeter cannot access the BBM social platform APIs. To connect to BBM, your app must be installed in the Personal perimeter.

Successful registration is indicated when the registration status code is BBMSP_ACCESS_ALLOWED and bbmsp_is_access_allowed() returns true. On start-up your app might receive one of the _CHANGED_ events, indicating that a value has been either initialized or changed.

Here is an overview of the process:
  1. Create an event queue by using BlackBerry Platform Services (BPS).
  2. Request that events flow into the event queue.
  3. Call bbmsp_register(), passing in your app's UUID.
  4. Wait for successful registration.
  5. Listen for bbmsp events.
  6. Verify the event category and type, and retrieve any associated data.
  7. Process the event.

You can download the sample registration app from the Core Native Community on GitHub.

Last modified: 2013-12-24

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