The Scoreloop developer website

All games must be registered and configured on the Scoreloop developer website.

Log into and create a developer account. If you already have a BlackBerry ID, choose "Login with BlackBerry ID" to login without creating a new account. Once you have an account, you will be able to:

  • Register your game and obtain game details
  • Configure your game properties
  • Configure the scoring schema
  • Configure awards

Register your game

Registering your game is the necessary first step in using the Scoreloop SDK. Select the BlackBerry checkbox under the SDK section while registering your game. Each new game should be registered separately. All your games can be registered with a single Scoreloop account.

Take note of game details

On registering, you receive the following game specific date to be added to your game:

  • Game identifier
  • Game secret
  • Game-specific currency.

The game identifier, game secret, and game-specific currency can be retrieved at any time by logging onto the developer website.

Once the game is created, it will be in a state called "Development". Beware not to click on the submit button as it would request your game, which is not yet complete, to be activated.

Configure your game properties

Configure the following game properties:

  • Short description of your game
  • Publisher name
  • Purchasing information (if any)

The game properties can be edited anytime through the developer website.

Configure the scoring schema

Scoreloop uses the scoring schema to compare scores that are submitted by the users of your game. This can be configured on the developer website. There are three configurable properties:

  • Result, the primary score achieved by users of your game
  • Minor result, a secondary score (optional)
  • Level, the game level at which the score was achieved (optional)

These score properties are compared based on the comparison schema to arrive at the final list of score. The scores can be ordered as ascending or descending.

The default comparison schema is: Result > Minor result > Level.

Configuring the optional properties can be excluded, if they are not used in your game.

Configure awards

Award is a prize given in recognition of an achievement. You must configure awards on the developer website. Once an award is configured on the website, Scoreloop generates an awards bundle, which should be added to your game project. The awards bundle provides local access to the individual award properties.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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