Feature essentials

Because a proper Scoreloop integration provides greatly increased visibility for your title, it is important that integrations share some basic requirements.

The following feature requirements only apply to features present in a game; it is not required to add/integrate all of the features listed below.

For best results when integrating any of the features below, we ask that you follow the format below:


When integrating leaderboards:

  • Incorporate global leaderboards displaying scores from all users
  • Enable leaderboard access with no more than two taps from the entry screen
  • Enable at least one additional filter tab: Day/Week/Month/Friends/Country
  • Highlight and keep the player's name (with score and rank) at the center or bottom of the list

It is also recommended (but not required) to:

  • Include the option to challenge players from the leaderboards
  • Include the option to add players as friends from the leaderboards
  • Display the player's world rank at the beginning and/or end of gameplay
  • Show mini leaderboards at the end and/or beginning of gameplay
  • Include in-game friend's score markers (indicating your friends' best scores along the way in an endless runner for example)
  • Include in-game live ranking ("You're 2 levels behind your friend X")
  • Integrate paging and scrolling so that all scores can be viewed.


Challenges also get posted as activities in the Games app news feed, providing more game visibility and additional chances to generate downloads.

When integrating challenges:

  • Present the option to create an open or direct challenge (against anyone or a specific friend for example)
  • Keep hidden an opponent's score before a contestant can initiate or submit a challenge
  • Display the challenge result at the end of gameplay (confirmation that the challenge was sent for an open challenge, win/loss if the challenge was accepted)

It is also recommended (but not required) to:

  • Present challenges as an online/head-to-head mode (as the alternative to the normal mode) - Tie virtual currency to challenges to increase competition
  • Include a rematch button
  • Include the option to add the opponent as a friend at the end of a challenge
  • Display challenge history with a rematch button to encourage replays
  • Include a challenge leaderboard (win/loss ratio)
  • Create geo-location challenges to take on players from different regions.

Awards and achievements

As players unlock achievements, those events are automatically logged into the Games app as activities in the news feed, which is the home screen of the Games app. Make sure to:

  • Include a list or grid of all achievements present in the game
  • Present the achievements in a locked or unlocked state
  • Include a description for every achievement
  • Integrate in-game notifications that an achievement was unlocked

It is also recommended (but not required) to:

  • Customize assets for unlocked achievements
  • Include a progress indicator, informing the player of what they still have to do to unlock the achievement (%, number, etc.)
  • Tie certain achievements to other Scoreloop features (leaderboards, challenges, i.e. "Win your first challenge").


When integrating users:

  • Include options for Players to change their display name to something personal.
  • Include an option to add an image icon that would represents who he/she is.
  • Include options to Players to provide their email address to enhance virality so they receive emails with challenge notifications etc.
  • Email address would also be useful when players would want to transfer their current Scoreloop account to a new device so they will be the same user on the new device as well.

Gaming data storage

Thanks to the User Context and Score Context APIs, you can bring your Scoreloop integration to a whole new level of user experience:

  • Synchronize game progress across devices (levels unlocked, character's inventory, etc.)
  • Synchronize achievements state (unlocks, progress)
  • Attach custom data (replays, purchase history) to scores and users

A game that fulfills the above requirements is ready for the last step: Game submission. Go ahead and submit your game.

Last modified: 2014-09-29

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