Scoreloop features

Here you will find the main social gaming features currently supported by the Scoreloop SDK.

Games app

Screen showing the icon for the Games app on a device.

The Games app is the social gaming hub where BlackBerry 10 users discover new friends and games, share challenges and achievements. The preloaded Games app on the home screen of BlackBerry 10 devices provides fantastic visibility for all Scoreloop enabled games.

The Games app focuses on social discovery, recommendations and social activities in games. For gamers, it is all about interacting with other gamers and possibility to communicate, compete in scores or share achievements.

BlackBerry 10 smartphone showing Scoreloop integration in the Games app.

  • Connect with other BlackBerry 10 gamers

Challenge, share and discover through the Games app. The Games app offers a possibility to see your friends’ gaming activities or compare gaming skills with friends. It is now possible to start a BBM chat from the Games app to deepen interaction with your gaming friends.

  • Find friends on BBM

The Games app offers various possibilities to connect with friends and find like-minded players. It not only allows adding existing contacts as friends but also allows you to invite players from the address book or your BBM contacts.

  • Discover your friends’ games

The Games app is a place to share your favorite games. It allows you to take a look at your friends' favorite games.

  • See friends' gaming activities

The Games app offers great social discovery of games. Friends’ activities range from comparing gaming skills to discovering what friends are playing. Games can be directly downloaded from BlackBerry World.

Default UI

BlackBerry 10 smartphones showing different ways to integrate Scoreloop in apps.

  • It is the easiest way to integrate the Scoreloop social features in your game with a faster go live opportunity.
  • Consistent with the standard Games app look and feel.
  • The Default UI provides access to the following features:
    • Leaderboards: Global/24h/friends' leaderboards.
    • Challenges: Access to challenges inbox, challenges history and option to start a new challenge.
    • Awards and achievements: Option to choose between various layouts.
    • Favorite a game: User can highlight the game by making it a favourite.
    • Edit User Profile: User can edit the display name, email address or profile picture.

Integrate Default UI.


BlackBerry 10 smartphone showing Scoreloop leaderboard functionality.

  • Make your game more competitive with Global/24h/friends' leaderboards.
  • Locate user on the leaderboard by highlighting their name or using a "ME" button so they always know where they stand.
  • Give more visibility to the leaderboard, say by providing a link from the main menu or displaying a small leaderboard after each game.
  • Mini leaderboard displayed at the end of gameplay and in the menu are a great way to give quick access to scores as well as social context (option to see your friends' scores).
  • Display friends' score markers during gameplay to motivate users to beat their friends and keep going.
  • In-game live ranking to provide real time information to the player. Players can be notified of their standing as compared to their friends.
  • Attach item to score (gameplay replay/image): gives context to top scores and engages players.

Integrate Leaderboards.


BlackBerry 10 smartphone showing Scoreloop challenge functionality.

  • Challenge a friend with a direct challenge or create a challenge open to anyone.
  • Display the result at the end of the challenge gameplay to motivate for a rematch.
  • Display challenge history with actionable player names.
  • Allow users to add opponent as a friend at the end of a challenge to increase virality.
  • Tie virtual currencies to challenges for added pressure and stimulate your freemium ecosystem.
  • Display challenge results as leaderboards for comparisons.
  • Initiate challenge from leaderboard or friends list for easy access.
  • Store game-specific information (i.e.: additional data about the level, mode or achievements made by contender) when creating the challenge. It can be accessed by the contestant-side, when accepting the challenge.

Integrate Challenges.

Awards and Achievements

BlackBerry 10 smartphone showing Scoreloop awards and achievements functionality.

  • Include awards that players can unlock regularly, to maintain players' engagement. Get the ball rolling with an easy to unlock award.
  • Customize the icon and name for each award and display them in locked and unlocked state respectively.
  • Upload achievement icons to the Scoreloop server to enhance social discovery of your game.
  • Display achievements with a pop-up during gameplay to alert player.
  • Display achievement progress, for example as a percentage indicator to increase motivation to unlock awards.
  • Tie achievements to challenges and unlock-able content such as extra levels and game modes to give a prize for the achievement.
  • Get creative with displaying achievements in a variety of ways such as medals and table format.

Integrate Awards and Achievements.


BlackBerry 10 smartphone showing Scoreloop users functionality.

  • User refers to a game player, the end-user of your game application.
  • Each user/player is considered to be unique and is tied to a unique device.
  • A user has a single, universal login for all Scoreloop games on their device.
  • A user can edit or update their profile settings, such as their username and/or email address.
  • A Player is free to use the same Scoreloop profile to play games on multiple devices (their smartphone and on their tablet computer, for example).
  • Multiple Users cannot use the same device to connect to Scoreloop. Every device that is used to play a Scoreloop enabled game is uniquely associated with a single specific user.

Integrate Users.

Gaming data storage

Support multiple devices? Support multiple platforms?

Keep your players' experience consistent across all their devices using Gaming Data Storage. Allow players to continue from where they left off on another device so they never have to start the game over again and unlock all those hard-earned achievements.

With Scoreloop, the player profile is automatically generated; so there is no need for players to sign up.

BlackBerry 10 smartphone showing Scoreloop data storage functionality.

Store Items in the user context to keep the gameplay and user experience consistent.

Items supported:

  • Game State, Game progress and unlocked levels
  • Gameplay replays and screenshots
  • Exchange replays on the leaderboard
  • Seed data for challenges

Scoreloop Gaming Data Storage works across all Scoreloop supported platforms and devices, including BlackBerry 10 OS, BlackBerry PlayBook OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Marmalade.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry 10 smartphone showing Scoreloop data storage functionality across multiple devices.

Integrate Gaming data storage.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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