Quick start on Games app

Getting started with Scoreloop SDK is easy!!

The first step to improve discoverability is to add your game to the social gaming hub of BlackBerry 10, the Games app.

Your game will be visible in New, Friends' and Popular games lists and on the activity timeline of the users. Your game will be recommended to all Games users on the home screen of the Games app where the users can favor the game and spread the word.

Unleash the full potential of your game by adding leaderboards, achievements and challenges using the Scoreloop SDK.

If you wish to explore the Scoreloop SDK in detail, please do so. For detailed information on:

Follow the easy steps below, to quickly show your game in the Games app:

Create Scoreloop account

  1. Create a developer account at https://developer.scoreloop.com.
  2. If you already have a BlackBerry ID, choose “Login with BlackBerry ID” to login without creating a new account.

Set-up game properties

  1. Once you are logged in, create a new game and check the BlackBerry checkbox.
  2. Your game entity is created successfully with a unique identifier and game-secret along with a game-specific currency code.
  3. Set the game properties.

Integrate Scoreloop SDK

  1. Start by setting up your project environment. You will find details here.
  2. The easiest way to start talking to the Scoreloop server is to create a SC_UserController and call SC_UserController_LoadUser(). It will return the details of the requested user. If no user has been explicitly set, attributes for the current session user will be requested. This is an asynchronous call and a callback will be triggered, after which you can access and display the retrieved user by calling SC_UserController_GetUser().
    SC_UserController_h myUserController;
    SC_Client_h client;
    //create user controller
    //aCallback is the callback to be registered
    SC_Error_t errCode=SC_Client_CreateUserController(client, &myUserController,
        aCallback, aCookie);
    SC_Error_t errCode=SC_UserController_LoadUser(&myUserController);

Default UI

  1. Basic integration of Default UI enables the user to favorite your game and display leaderboards, awards and achievements.
  2. For details on implementation, see Default UI.


  1. Publish your game to BlackBerry World.
  2. Once approved go to https://developer.scoreloop.com and set the distribution with the Application Identifier for the Distribution Channel "BlackBerry World".
  3. Submit the game, to be approved and activated by Scoreloop.
  4. Submission to Scoreloop is an essential step for your game to be listed in the Games app.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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