Using the general NFC service capabilities

The general NFC service APIs include the following API files:

  • <nfc/nfc.h>: General NFC definitions and functions
  • <nfc/nfc_bps.h>: BlackBerry Platform Services (BPS) event-handling functions for NFC
  • <nfc/nfc_ndef.h>: NDEF definitions and functions
  • <nfc/nfc_types.h>: Various NFC definitions and data types
You can use the NFC service APIs to create applications for:
  • reading an NFC tag
  • writing to an NFC tag
  • exchanging data between NFC-enabled devices
  • setting up a Bluetooth connection between NFC-enabled devices

NFC applications can be developed using a combination of C/C++, Cascades, and the invocation framework . Using C/C++ gives you access to the lower-level operations of the NFC service and allows you to design the user experience you want to achieve. On the other hand, Cascades and the invocation framework hide the lower-level service interactions and provide a fast and simple way to create NFC applications. If you are not a C/C++ programmer, we suggest that you refer to the Cascades documentation.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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