Near Field Communication

Most BlackBerry 10 devices support Near Field Communication (NFC). This guide is intended to help you write applications that use the NFC service capabilities on BlackBerry 10 devices.

This guide includes:

  • a brief introduction of NFC technology
  • NFC architecture and capabilities
  • using the general NFC service capabilities
  • using the secure element capabilities
The purpose of the NFC API is twofold:
  • provide high-level APIs for data sharing between BlackBerry devices, such as the BlackBerry 10 smartphone and other NFC-enabled devices
  • abstract NFC technology details to make adding NFC functionality to applications easier
To use this guide, it is expected that you:
  • have installed the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK on your development computer
  • have a BlackBerry 10 device
  • have other NFC-enabled devices, such as an NFC tag, if needed, for testing your application
  • are familiar with developing applications for BlackBerry 10
  • are familiar with NFC technology and specifications. For more information see the NFC Forum and the BlackBerry NFC support forums

Last modified: 2014-09-29

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