(Optional) The icon to use for the application.

Parent elements:

<qnx>, <configuration>, <invoke-target>

Child elements:

Name Cardinality
image One or none


The <icon> element specifies an icon to use for the application.

If this application can be invoked from another application, it may appear in an invocation list. The icon that is displayed in the invocation list is determined by where the <icon> element appears in the XML hierarchy. This list shows the traversal order:
  • the <invoke-target> element
  • the <configuration> element
  • the <qnx> element
For example, if there is no <icon> defined in either the <invoke-target> or the <configuration> elements, then the <icon> defined in the <qnx> element is used.






      <text xml:lang="de-DE">GermanIcon.png</text>

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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