Minimize memory usage

Momentics IDE for BlackBerry consists of a microkernel (procnto) and various processes. Each process runs in its own virtual memory space. The advantage of using virtual memory is that one process can't corrupt another process's memory space.

When you perform memory analysis for an app, you select a launch configuration and a device to analyze. The Momentics IDE builds the app with the corresponding build configuration (either Device-Debug or Simulator-Debug), and then launches the app with the selected configuration. You don't need to build the app, configure the build configuration, or configure the launch configuration, because the Momentics IDE does it for you.

  1. On the toolbar, select the Launch configuration for your app.
  2. In the Launch mode drop-down list, select Memory Analysis.
  3. In the Launch target drop-down list, select a device or simulator.

    To resolve any device connection issues, click Edit, and follow the instructions on the Device Properties dialog box.

    Screen showing the Launch Target drop-down list with the Edit icon, which opens the Device Properties dialog box.

  4. Click Momentics Launch button.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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