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In the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry, all of your development tasks start with the toolbar, including building and launching your app, as well as debugging, profiling, and memory analysis.

Screen showing the buttons and drop-down lists on the toolbar.

When you create a project, the Momentics IDE creates a BlackBerry C/C++ Application launch configuration for your app. You can launch a configuration in different modes, such as run, debug, C/C++ profile, or memory analysis. When you select a launch mode on the toolbar, it changes how the Momentics IDE launches the app.

A launch configuration defines which app to launch, the command-line options to use, and what values to use for environment variables. The configuration also defines which tools to run with your app, such as the Code Coverage tool, the Application Profiler, and the Memory Analysis tool.

The Momentics IDE includes two launch configuration types for BlackBerry app development:
BlackBerry C/C++ Application
Supports all of the launch modes: run, debug, C/C++ profile, memory analysis, run release, QML profile, attach to a running process, and code coverage.
BlackBerry Postmortem Debugging
Supports the debug launch mode. For more information about postmortem debugging, see Postmortem debugging.

Although the Momentics IDE creates a default launch configuration for your app, you can create multiple launch configurations for your app.

  1. On the toolbar, in the Launch Target drop-down list, select a device or simulator.
  2. In the Launch configuration drop-down list, select Create New Launch Configuration.
  3. Select the Initial Launch Mode, and then click Next.

    To profile your app, select either C/C++ Profile or QML Profile instead of Profile.

  4. In the Launch Configuration Type options, select either BlackBerry C/C++ Application or BlackBerry Postmortem Debugging, and then click Next.
  5. You can use the default launch configuration settings or customize the settings:
    • To use the default settings, on the Launch Configuration Type screen, click Finish.
    • To customize the settings, on the Launch Configuration Type screen, click Next. Select the settings that you want, and then click Finish.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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