Specify indexer options

The C/C++ search features use an index of symbols to find the locations of declarations and references. The index of symbols comes from the source code in your projects, and from external header files.

The indexer needs a successful build before it can populate the index. When you create a new project, you trigger a build. However, when you import a project or a sample, there are problem markers throughout the project. To resolve the problem markers, you must initiate a build.

The Momentics IDE for BlackBerry uses fast indexing, which provides the fastest indexing capabilities for declarations and cross reference information. The indexer parses each header file included in a project only once. For example, if a header file is included by two compilation units, the parsing of the second unit reuses the results of parsing the first unit. This is similar to how precompiled headers work.

If you disable the indexer, the search features will not work correctly.

  1. You can specify the indexer options for all projects in the current workspace, or for a specific project:
    • To specify default indexer options for all projects, on the Window menu, click Preferences.

      Expand C/C++, and then click Indexer.

    • To specify indexer options for a specific project, in the Project Explorer, right-click the project, and then click Properties. Expand C/C++ General, and then click Indexer. Click Enable project specific settings.
  2. If required, click Enable indexer.
  3. Select the indexer options, and then click OK.

    The indexer gathers information to identify overloaded operators, which means that the indexing time may be longer, and the size of the index file is likely to be larger. To skip the collection of implicit references, select the Skip implicit references (e.g. overloaded operators) option.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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