The BBM Social Platform APIs

API Description

Allows you to register your app with the BBM Social Platform, process bbmsp events, and retrieve the version of the BBM Social Platform library that your app is using.


Provides access to a user's BBM contact information, such as display name, status, and personal message.


Allows you to determine your app's access status to the BBM Social Platform, and whether the user has set permissions to show the app's profile box and to send BBM invitations.


Accesses event categories and event types for handling BBM Social Platform events, such as app registration or user profile updates.


Allows your app to send an invitation to the current user's BBM contacts to download your app.


Provides the values that represent the presence status of a user on the BBM Social Platform, and the types of updates that can be made to a user's BBM profile.


Allows you to manage the items in the profile box for your app. The user profile box is a box for your app that appears in the current user's BBM profile.


Provides access to the user's BBM profile. You can retrieve the user's display name, or update the display picture, status, status message, and personal message.


Allows your app to create, retrieve, or delete images for a user's BBM profile display picture and the profile box icon for your app.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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