Working with application profile boxes

A profile box is an area for your app that appears on the Apps tab in the user's BBM profile. It contains the banner and items for your app. You can use a profile box to broadcast achievements and provide updates. A profile box consists of the following:

  • Profile box header: the banner inside the profile box that contains the name of the app and its icon.
  • Profile box icon: the image in the profile box header.
  • Profile box item: the text and the image for each profile box item, for example, a badge and a message.

A profile box contains a list of items, each composed of text and an optional icon, and can contain a maximum of three items. As new items are added, older items are removed automatically. Your app can access the profile box by using the ProfileBox and ProfileBoxItem APIs.

The user can control whether an app's profile box appears in their profile through the global settings for the app, and the app can make changes only if the user enables this option. You can check this setting by calling permissionValue(). The profile box can be viewed by the current user and their contacts. It can be modified by the current user and the app that owns it, but the current user can remove items only. A user can invoke your app from its profile box in theirs or a contact's BBM profile. The app is brought to the foreground, or launched if it's not already running. Contacts who do not have the app installed are taken to the app's page in BlackBerry World, if that version of the app is available on BlackBerry World.

Last modified: 2014-09-29

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