Managing devices

On the toolbar, you can manage your paired devices. You can select the device that you want to run your app on, and configure the device properties. If you didn't set up a device when you set up your development environment, you can pair a device or download a simulator.

Screen showing the Add New Target option in the Launch target drop-down list.

To add a new target:

  1. Select Add New Target in the Launch target drop-down list.
  2. Set up a device or simulator:
    • To set up a new device, click the Devices tab, and then click Set Up New BlackBerry 10 Device.
    • To set up a new simulator, click the Simulators tab, and then click Install a New Simulator.

If you're using a device, you must turn on Development Mode on the device before you can connect to it through the IDE. The simulator is in Development Mode by default.

Troubleshooting connection problems

In the Launch Target drop-down list on the toolbar, an icon indicates whether each device or simulator is connected and ready to use for development. If the icon is yellow or red, your device is not connected correctly. You can use the Device Properties dialog box to resolve your connection. For example, the Device Properties dialog box can help you resolve an incompatible API level, generate a debug token, or download and install missing debug symbols.

To start the Device Properties dialog box, click Momentics IDE edit icon beside the Launch target drop-down list.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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