The bar-descriptor.xml file

Every BlackBerry 10 application is packaged in a .bar file that is deployed to a device or simulator. The bar-descriptor.xml file specifies parameters and permissions for identifying, installing, and running native applications on the BlackBerry 10 OS. You can configure the appearance and behavior of your application by specifying properties and values in the bar-descriptor.xml file. When you build your application, the bar-descriptor.xml file is automatically included in your .bar file.

The root element in the bar-descriptor.xml file is <qnx>. You must nest all other XML elements within this element.

You can view the bar-descriptor.xml file by expanding a project from the Project Explorer view, and double-clicking the bar-descriptor.xml file. You can switch pages by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the editor.

Screen showing the General page of the bar-descriptor.xml file in the Momentics IDE.

Within the file, you can enable features by setting options from the General page, Application page, Assets page, and Localization page, or by directly modifying the bar-descriptor.xml options on the Source page.

One of the most important functions of the bar-descriptor.xml file is to configure the permissions that your app has on the device. To learn more, see App permissions.

For details about the individual configuration settings, see Configure bar-descriptor.

Last modified: 2014-01-23

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