The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK – a one-stop shop for all your native development needs.


Signature look and feel

Create beautiful and clean UIs using the out of the box controls and animations. Take advantage of signature BlackBerry 10 interactions, like peek and flow, within your own app.

Rapid UI development

Design and build your UI quickly and efficiently using the QML dev tools. Drag and drop components into the editor and preview changes on the fly using the QML Preview.


Porting heaven

BlackBerry 10 supports literally dozens of open source and cross-platform frameworks. Leverage your existing code and bring it to an entirely new user base, with minimal effort.

Gaming rocks

Take advantage of the power and speed of the QNX Neutrino RTOS to propel your game to the next level. Integrate powerful gaming libraries like Unity and Marmalade, or add a social dimension to your games using Scoreloop.

Type of developer: Cascades Core Gaming
C++ (Qt/QML)
UI Framework
Cascades UI APIs
Platform API (Qt/QML)
Cascades Platform APIs, Qt4
Open source /
cross platform
Box2D, Marmalade, UnityBoost, OSS, SLD, CouchDB, cURL
Platform API
OpenGL, EGL, ScoreloopSensors, Bluetooth, BPS, USB, Encryption, OpenAL

Not what you were looking for?

Perhaps the Native SDK isn't quite what you were looking for. You should check out the alternative options available for developing apps for BlackBerry 10. Visit the platform choice page.

Code signing with your BlackBerry ID

App Signing

Create a BlackBerry ID token simply by signing in with your BlackBerry ID. You can use the token to sign your apps and distribute them to users.

Create your token
Headless applications

Headless apps

Learn how an application can run in the background. Use headless apps to listen for pushed content, input from device accessories, and location changes.

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