Sample Apps for Webworks SDK 2.2

Preview for BFB Boilerplate sample

The signature BlackBerry 10 experience

Built for BlackBerry Boilerplate

This sample is a meant to be a starting point for any BlackBerry WebWorks developer creating an app that delivers the signature BlackBerry 10 experience, and could pass the "Built For BlackBerry" designation. It includes many of the "must have" components: BBM, Share Framework, App Menu (swipe down), Window Covers, Toasts, BlackBerry 10 UI look and feel using bbUI.js.

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Preview for Invoke sample

Invocation Framework

Invoke Apps

How to invoke all sorts of cards, apps, and viewers with the Invocation Framework on BlackBerry 10

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Preview for weather sample

Fully-featured sample application

Weather Sample

This sample Weather application demonstrates how to include features that meet the Built-for-BlackBerry criteria into a fully-featured application.

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Preview for OAuth sample

Facebook Integration with OAuth 2.0


This sample demonstrates how to integrate Facebook and the OAuth 2.0 protocol into a BlackBerry WebWorks application. Facebook OAuth Sample is a proof-of-concept WebWorks application that allows a user to authenticate with Facebook, post a new status to, and view their News Feed.

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Preview for Gestures sample



How to easily incorporate gestures (swipe, drag, multi-touch, etc.) into an application for BlackBerry 10 using the Hammer.js library.

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Preview for BBM sample

BlackBerry Messenger


A look at the APIs that will enable you to leverage BlackBerry Messenger integration within BlackBerry 10 applications.

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Preview for Share Targets sample

Sharing Content

Share Targets

How to invoke a list of Share Targets (aka. display a "Share Card") for BlackBerry 10. You pick a title for the card, which type of file to share, and the invocation framework handles the rest!

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Preview for Maps sample

Geolocation & Maps


How to integrate a few popular mapping services (Google, Bing, Leaflet, Openlayers) into a BlackBerry 10 app.

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Preview for Sensors sample

Device Sensors


Use the various sensors on the device and capture the data points for display to the user, with the help of the Flotr2 graphing library.

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