Setting up the tools

To set up the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK.

    If you are installing to Ubuntu, after downloading the installer, you'll need to make it executable by running the following commands:
    $ chmod u+x ./ BB10-WebWorks-SDK_<version>.bin
    $ ./BB10-WebWorks-SDK_<version>.bin

  2. Download and install the BlackBerry 10 Device Simulator. If you have a BlackBerry 10 device available for testing, downloading a simulator isn't required.
  3. Set up your computer for testing and signing. Use your BlackBerry ID to create your BlackBerry ID token and then use your BlackBerry ID token to create your developer certificate.

    The BlackBerry ID token is used to create the debug token that allows you to install and test an unsigned app on a BlackBerry 10 device. If you don't have a BlackBerry ID token, you cannot test your app on a device.

Last modified: 2014-12-04

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